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I find patterns very enchanting; an intricate tapestry of art, math, science, nature...woven all together by magical threads into a mystical universal code.

I'm blessed with powerful 'pattern mentors' ; Africa, a content rich with bold patterns, and daring colours....Sudan with its quieter shapes embellishing metal doors of old houses, and colorful toabs* of women. Nature, a masterful weaver of patterns, her calm waves, scattered clouds and her ever-moving whimsical creations. 


My Patterned. collection is currently limited to ceramics. I hope as I work and slowly release* additional collections to this series, to keep the sense of movement and imagination present and untamed.

* A toab is the Sudanese traditional garment, often worn by married Sudanese women over clothing. The toab fabric is sometimes left plain but is usually decorated with colorful patterns. 

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