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about me.

Hello! My name is Enas Satir, I am a Sudanese artist, currently living in Toronto, Canada. 

I love working with clay, illustrating, making videos, and spending with my cat, Gavin

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my background.

Sudan is an Afro-Arab country, Prior to its separation from South Sudan in July 2011, was the largest African country. 

The vast size of the country allows for the existence of 600 ethnic groups who speak more than 400 languages and dialects. The official and most common language is Arabic.

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Pictures I took during my travels in different parts in Sudan.





my art practice.

I started my career as an architect, after graduating from the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Architecture in 2007. Working as an architect for 5 years gave me the kick-start into creative thinking, and I gradually focused on 3D rendering, which in turn led me to an interest in graphic design. 

I obtained a Master's degree in graphic design in Florence, Italy in 2013, and started to focus more on digital drawings. 

Developing my art skills is an ongoing process, and over time I stepped back from digital drawings into mixed media and ceramics.

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how I started with ceramics.

In 2018, a year after I moved to Toronto, I got the Toronto Mentorship Art Grant, offered by Toronto Art Council, alongside Canadian Artist Erin Candela. This opportunity, has had a significant impact in my life, I fell in love with clay and I am working on becoming a better clay student and dedicating more time to my ceramics. 

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TORONTO Art Council
Mentorship Grant

Ceramic Photoshoot by Erin Candela

side projects...

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My Youtube Channel

A new passion; making videos. Be part of my small mighty audience on Youtube:)

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Just Launched!

Ya Satir

Slowly getting back to writing:)

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